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Speaking on Skype and in conference calls

Making good use of audio-visual, web and phone meeting technology is  a business skill too few people have.  Knowing how to work with the apparatus is critical to making your  session go well.  There’s a lot to manage:  even if it’s all set up and works perfectly, you  are likely to encounter time delays, line dropouts, poor image quality, and people in remote locations who don’t pay attention, create background noise, forget they’re on camera and so on.  If you aren’t in control you are going to look unprofessional and, worse, the business you need to do won’t happen to the right standard.

I posted on this subject a while ago, but the most up-to-date  comprehensive overview  of this topic I’ve come across appears in today’s Eloquent Woman blogpost. I recommend you read it in its entirety.


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