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An Evening with Jeanette Winterson

An Evening with Jeanette Winterson | SlowTV | The Monthly.

If  you missed it (like I did)  you can still see one of the stand-out events at the recent Sydney WritersFestival.  Winterson is a star – not only for her writing, but because a presenter  with such charisma and power over an audience is a rare treat.

Her past is well known.  Raised to be a Pentecostal preacher, she says that her parents – despite everything, have got what they wanted.

Watch the way she parodies her past while employing its art. No stool, chair or microphones. Just her. She warms the crowd up, makes them laugh, engages them physically (the  show-of hands), promises them a transformation, and then –  having enthralled  them like children, she settles down to read a story.

It’s masterful. Enjoy it.


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