Speak for Yourself

Claire Duffy's blog about public speaking and communication (in real life). Speak well, do well!

About Speak for Yourself

I’m Claire Duffy, and  Speak For Yourself  is my Sydney based communications practice. I have  25 years experience getting messages to audiences in ways they’ll understand. My career includes senior leadership in government, arts and culture, education, professional services, and non-profits.

I work with individuals and organisations who want to be clear. To think, communicate and present well.

I’ve helped  bankers, universities, engineers, project managers,  human services agencies, arts companies,  museums, and schools. I love to work with  people  moving to new jobs, facing important speaking occasions, or seeking (and winning!) scholarships, prizes and awards.

I’m especially proud to have coached a  Rhodes Scholar, and a Churchill Fellow.

I  have a special interest in working with women, and with students and young people. I count many award winning school debaters and public speakers among my trainees.

I am on the Board of the Australian Theatre for Young People, was formerly a Director of Gondwana Choirs (the national children’s choir), Beyond Online Ltd, and Sydney Philharmonia.

 I have a Master’s degree in Public Policy and a BA DipEd from Sydney University, where I now present courses in their Centre for Continuing Education .

Contact me anytime: boss@speak4yourself.com.au

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