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Aristotle’s Rhetorical Situation

Before you let the title of this post put you off, let me explain what it’s doing  here. Lately I have been part of a  discussion about whether we should … Continue reading

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What to wear for speaking engagements

What to wear???? It’s nearly every presenter’s agony moment. Dressing well for the occasion is part of your presentation. The way the audience responds to what you say will be … Continue reading

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Going Down Gracefully

Dealing with defeat – one of the hardest, saddest, and most challenging aspects  of being in public life.  Julia  Gillard  was  her usual self:  straightforward, businesslike,  good humoured, down to … Continue reading

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Maybe the best leadership speech you’ll see

Staring down an outrageous scandal that’s been brewing for years, Australia’s Head of Army, Chief Lieutenant General David Morrison last night told members of the forces what’s expected of them, … Continue reading

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‘Know Thyself’ to be an authentic speaker

This blog has always emphasised the need for speakers to focus on the audience. There is  no point  presenting to anyone unless you’ve tailored it to their needs, interests, and … Continue reading

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Public speaking for academics – 10 tips

Academics (and experts more widely) are often challenged as public speakers, finding it difficult to release themselves from  imparting information (like a dripfeed), and switching to consciously communicating, by which I mean … Continue reading

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Using Listening Techniques to Improve Your Communication

To be an effective communicator, you have to be a good listener first. Take these key concepts on board: • Attending: This means showing that you’re paying attention. You can … Continue reading

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Tear time in Parliament

Emotional outbursts by public figures are always good for a headline, and so it was this week when  Julia Gillard  wept as she introduced the disability insurance scheme. Tearful politicians are … Continue reading

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Sort yourself out: five keys to resolving conflict

What do you do when somebody bugs you?  It’s common enough to feel hurt or put-off by something  someone said. It’s far less common to know how to  come back … Continue reading

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The rhetorical triangle updated

About 2300 years ago, Aristotle wrote down the secrets to being a powerful speaker. Aristotle said the  three keys are ethos, pathos, and logos. We know these now as ‘the rhetorical … Continue reading

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How to write an ANZAC day speech

I love the Parliamentary Library. It is a goldmine of briefings, information, summaries and analysis of all sorts of public policy issues, freely available online. It is a quiet testament … Continue reading

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Analogies, the wonder tool for making sense.

Delivering a speech or making a presentation  is  asking  your audience to go somewhere with you.  Maybe it’s to agree with you, hire you,  vote for you, support your cause….We’ve … Continue reading

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Full Body Chairing. How to stay in charge of your panel.

A while back, I offered you this post about how to manage a panel event, and this one on handling hecklers and interrupters.  These are common challenges, but the commonest … Continue reading

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Special Occasion Speaking

First time speakers are often squaring up to taking the mike at a special occasion.  Maybe it’s your mate’s  21st or wedding,  someone has a birthday with a zero in … Continue reading

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