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What to wear for speaking engagements

What to wear???? It’s nearly every presenter’s agony moment. Dressing well for the occasion is part of your presentation. The way the audience responds to what you say will be … Continue reading

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Public speaking for academics – 10 tips

Academics (and experts more widely) are often challenged as public speakers, finding it difficult to release themselves from  imparting information (like a dripfeed), and switching to consciously communicating, by which I mean … Continue reading

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Analogies, the wonder tool for making sense.

Delivering a speech or making a presentation  is  asking  your audience to go somewhere with you.  Maybe it’s to agree with you, hire you,  vote for you, support your cause….We’ve … Continue reading

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Full Body Chairing. How to stay in charge of your panel.

A while back, I offered you this post about how to manage a panel event, and this one on handling hecklers and interrupters.  These are common challenges, but the commonest … Continue reading

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Catching the waves of feminism

Shortly before  PM Julia Gillard’s  Misogyny Speech went viral, feminist  author and journalist Anne Summers  made her ‘Newcastle Speech’, arguing that  the extreme sexist and discriminatory  abuse Gillard was  subject to  breached federal … Continue reading

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Lovely Voices: Edward Tufte, the Chart Master

“Good information design  is clear thinking made visible” said Edward Tufte,  who wrote (and self-published)  The Visual Display of Quantitiative Information back in 1982. Tufte has been  a  statistician and professor emeritus of political science, statistics, and computer science at Yale … Continue reading

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Career Coach: As a public speaker, are you as good as you think you are? – The Washington Post

Lots of people would be much better speakers if they did some self-evaluation, and these days it’s a cinch to do.  So, speakers RECORD YOURSELF! This is the takeaway message … Continue reading

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Geeks who can speak

“We tend to think about storytelling as confined to fiction or entertainment,” Britos Cavagnaro says. “But storytelling is a primal human activity, and there is no reason why it can’t … Continue reading

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Three steps for speaking to time.

Few things irritate an audience or an organizer more than a speaker who runs over time. It’s also a problem for the unlucky speaker who follows the slowcoach. If you’re on … Continue reading

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Storytelling – How you can learn to ‘bore no more’.

The most common  piece of advice around for public speakers and presenters seems to be ‘tell a story’.  ‘People love stories’ we’re told.  Well, yes, you should and they do. … Continue reading

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How to communicate in tweets, texts and YouTube videos

Tips on how to use social media to boost your speaking career,  from Washington Business Journal writer Jeff Porro: Public speaking may be the oldest form of mass communication, dating … Continue reading

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Everything in Moderation. Six tips for managing panel discussions.

Like any other form of communication, a panel discussion  has to grab us and go somewhere. It needs a sense of direction to hold our interest and keep us tuned in … Continue reading

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Houston, we have a problem

When Things Go Wrong: Ten presentation lessons from Apollo 13.   (I enjoyed this so much when I read it  on John Zimmer’s blog  Manner of Speaking, that I’ve reblogged … Continue reading

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Six Steps to a Great Script. Step 6: You’re on!

If your script were a cake, the last step is to bake it. You’ve done a lot of work on the  preparation, now you need to make sure it isn’t … Continue reading

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