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Maybe the best leadership speech you’ll see

Staring down an outrageous scandal that’s been brewing for years, Australia’s Head of Army, Chief Lieutenant General David Morrison last night told members of the forces what’s expected of them, … Continue reading

14/06/2013 · 3 Comments

The rhetorical triangle updated

About 2300 years ago, Aristotle wrote down the secrets to being a powerful speaker. Aristotle said the  three keys are ethos, pathos, and logos. We know these now as ‘the rhetorical … Continue reading

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The um-ah trap and how to dodge it

But ah look, I – I still think that um, ah, it’s not at the level that Labor strategists wanted which was more like 38 per cent of two party … Continue reading

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Oscar speeches by numbers

Rebecca Rolfe, a  Georgia  Institute  of Technology masters  student, has analyzed  60 years of Academy Awards  speeches as part of a research project  on, wait for it, gratitude.   Her findings have been … Continue reading

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Lovely Voices: David Attenborough, natural wonder.

David Attenborough’s conspiratorial whisper has made him the most trusted person in Britain, according to a recent Readers’ Digest poll. Attenborough is a magician.  He entrances and  intrigues us.  Fuelled by … Continue reading

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Cardinal Pell’s PR mistake

“What a disastrous media conference, where should we start? ” writes public policy  blogger Dr Trevor Cook, a sentiment echoed by many in the aftermath  of this appalling performance. The Archbishop’s response … Continue reading

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The transcript trap, and how to avoid it

The spoken word is not the same as the written word. We speak in ways we would never write, and write in ways we would never speak. The spoken word in … Continue reading

15/08/2012 · 5 Comments

Be careful what you say

Poor Luke Nolen.  Elite jockey rides legendary wonder mare in iconic race and wins. (Just).  77,000 people, including the Queen, are at the track, and half Australia stays up late … Continue reading

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Would you believe?

Credibility in  public life is a theme that’s been having a good run, what with Thomson and Slipper and Murdoch/Brooks/ Leveson, and our  daily reminder from Abbot  that you can’t … Continue reading

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It’s not a lie…. if YOU believe it

 The disgrace of a public figure has a trajectory. Being caught produces outrage, silence, dismissal, denial, and finally (if they can’t avoid it) admission and apology. Depending on how bad … Continue reading

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Moderating a discussion – not so simple

Last week’s Q and A on ABC TV between Richard Dawkins and Archbishop George Pell was popular and polarising. There may be more in store as AC Grayling comes on … Continue reading

16/04/2012 · 3 Comments

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