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5 fear busters for speaking in public

I have to admit that until I read the article below, in HuffPo, I had never heard of Nikki Stone.  So in case you haven’t either, she is   America’s first-ever … Continue reading

28/10/2013 · 1 Comment

How to read aloud in public

Reading aloud in public  is a distinct skill.   It’s part of most religious ceremonies,  can be needed  in court, or in an educational setting – in class or Assembly. We … Continue reading

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‘Know Thyself’ to be an authentic speaker

This blog has always emphasised the need for speakers to focus on the audience. There is  no point  presenting to anyone unless you’ve tailored it to their needs, interests, and … Continue reading

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Public speaking for academics – 10 tips

Academics (and experts more widely) are often challenged as public speakers, finding it difficult to release themselves from  imparting information (like a dripfeed), and switching to consciously communicating, by which I mean … Continue reading

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A tribute to Helen

A little over two years ago my friend Helen Pedersen asked for help preparing a speech. The title was ‘Not dead yet. What are you going to do?’   She … Continue reading

22/05/2013 · 5 Comments

Speak now or forever hold your peace: five reasons to make a speech today.

Whatever kind of speaker you are, chances are from time to time you’re going to run out of occasions to speak.  School’s out, so high school debaters will rust up. … Continue reading

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I’m Jo and I’m an introvert. Here’s my speaking story.

So here’s the thing: you  have been working seriously in your chosen profession for over 20 years. You have  some credibility: diplomas, degrees, served on committees, taught, organised, managed…all that … Continue reading

29/01/2013 · 1 Comment

Keys to unlocking your charisma

All good performers have it. So do the best politicians, business people, and teachers. “It” is presence, or charisma, the ability to command attention, to influence, and connect. We used to … Continue reading

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Six steps to great script. Step 5: Rehearse and re-edit

Speaking is like playing sport, or learning an instrument. It‘s a physical skill that takes repetition and practice. And exactly as for sport and musical performance, being well prepared is … Continue reading

27/09/2012 · 2 Comments

Debating the art of civilised discourse

Depressingly, we aren’t seeing much civilised discourse in public these days. The media  are supposed to be fair, accurate and balanced, but  they  chase scandals and pander to publicity seekers.   Political interviews … Continue reading

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Public Speaking for Professional Athletes

In the aftermath of the Olympics,  hundreds of  sporting heroes will be given hundreds of opportunities to speak in  public, with very little  training on how to do it. Wayne Goldsmith  says … Continue reading

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Four secrets to not screwing up under pressure

Neuroscience has revolutionised the way we understand  the ‘science of choking‘. I don’t mean getting a chicken bone stuck in your throat, I’m talking about the common problem of baulking or … Continue reading

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Maximise your magnetism

Magnetism, presence, and their cousin charisma, are vaguely defined  qualities which enable us to command attention, and to influence others. People who have them attract a long list of descriptors: … Continue reading

02/08/2012 · 1 Comment

Body Language, a Beginner’s Guide

I am honoured that this post is mentioned in Andrew Diugan’s Six Minutes review of the week’s best public speaking articles. Here is a great tutorial on powerful body language. Harvard researcher … Continue reading

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