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“He is all of them. And he is one of us”. Keating’s eulogy for The Unknown Soldier.

This Armistice Day is the 95th anniversary of the end of the Great War. Great statesmen have  made many great speeches to honour and mourn those dead, but Australian Prime … Continue reading

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How de Gaulle’s speech changed the fate of France

This article was originally published by the BBC and can be found here. On 18 June 1940 a little known general from the French army made a speech, broadcast by … Continue reading

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Great Speakers: Aaron Sorkin at Syracause

As a reader of this blog there’s a good chance  you spent the early part of this century desperate for the next episode of The West Wing. Much smarter critics … Continue reading

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Tear time in Parliament

Emotional outbursts by public figures are always good for a headline, and so it was this week when  Julia Gillard  wept as she introduced the disability insurance scheme. Tearful politicians are … Continue reading

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‘Nuclear Weapons are Morally Indefensible’.

A question is asked, at length,  and an answer demanded. “And I’m going to give it to you!” retorts New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange,  “If you hold your breath … Continue reading

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“Liar Liar… ” Ten ways to spot one

Hello everyone, time for more Tall Tales by Big Names. Lying in public, misuse of power, cheating and wrongdoing are headlines once again. Catch up  here  on  Lance Armstrong, whose … Continue reading

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The Life of a Political Speechwriter – NYTimes.com

 This NY Times article  from Draft, a series about the art and craft of writing, was so interesting I’m just posting the lot, with no permission at all – trust it’s fair use … Continue reading

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The Redfern Speech at 20. Turning point or high water mark?

The Redfern speech is one of the most controversial and important speeches in Australian history. A landmark, it was the first time a Prime Minister spoke about the injustices done … Continue reading

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How to handle hecklers and interrupters

When I ask trainees to voice their concerns, the top one is ‘nerves’. Their next worry is dealing with a difficult person, especially  someone who interrupts, is overpowering or confrontational. … Continue reading

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Speaking up for Women

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King. There’s a lot of talk about sexism in Australia at the moment, and … Continue reading

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Saying ‘thank you’ like Obama

Making a victory speech is  sweet. It’s also a test of character. The killer instinct, brains or hard work that got you the prize have done their work. Now it’s … Continue reading

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The Power of (that Misogyny) Speech

The roar in response to  Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny speech’ has not died down (if I didn’t hate cliches I’d say something about ‘wildest dreams’), and for that reason I have … Continue reading

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Help! I have to be in a debate! Clues for the clueless.

Debates have always been political reality.  Televised debates between candidates began with JFK and Nixon, and are now a staple of any election campaign (in case you haven’t noticed). More … Continue reading

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When rage is your right. Three ways to make anger work.

‘The Misogyny Wars’ began with Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s attack-dog speech in Parliament. It caused a storm. Twitter caught fire.  Thousands of people who would never watch Question Time did … Continue reading

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