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Coaching, Courses and Workshops

I  present public courses at the University Of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education and can also run courses in your workplace. I provide  one on one coaching for individuals, or tailored workshops for groups.

Some current workshops :

Presentation Skills for Teachers

Teachers are the largest group of professional voice users in the world.  Teaching takes confidence, purpose, rapport, and a knack for handling tricky people.  It also has OH&S hazards as a teacher’s voice is their  tool of trade, vulnerable to overuse.  To advance your professional speaking skills you  need to understand voice care and injury prevention, and learn to build your presentation skills to create an authoritative  presence.

This half day workshop develops these basic skills.

Strategic Thinking Made Simple

Are  you senior management material? Looking toward the future, having a goal, knowing the plan for achieving it,  seeing patterns  and connections…..these are some of the skills you’ll need to develop your career and progress.  This workshop explains what strategic thinking is and why it matters at all organisational levels. It explores the behaviours and personal attributes involved,  and outlines a step-by-step process for thinking more strategically. You leave with tools to support you on your leadership path.

Communicating well at work

Want to be  understood, explain well and have influence? Need to think on your feet in a professional situation?  This program  teaches the essentials: how communication skills establish relationships,  and build credibility and authority. It deals with the do’s and don’ts of  one-on-one interactions, meetings, dealing with small and large groups of clients, colleagues and superiors, answering questions, briefing executives and making formal presentations in structured situations

Writing Winning Proposals

Win the work, get the grant or the green light for your next project. Effective proposals are critical to success in business, non-profits and academia. This course gives you proven techniques and skills to help you to get the results you want. Plan a strategy and  build compelling arguments.  Learn the art of persuasion and how to take a  reader-centred  approach. Produce documents people want to read.

Next public course: 22 January at Sydney University

Professional Policy Writing

Organisations need good operational policies, but the people to produce them can be hard to find. The good news is that the art of writing policy is not too mysterious to master. With lots of practical tips and how-to’s, this course will equip you to write policy documents that impress. With a focus on both process and content, you will master the policy development process, know what the ‘must haves’ are, learn to say what you mean in professional language, and compile documents that look good, read well and are user-friendly.

Next public course 21 January, Sydney University

Presentation Skills for Scientists and technical experts

You’re an expert. Your career and your organization’s success are built on your knowhow and the problems you can solve. From science and research to IT and engineering, people are hungry for your help with complex problems. Experts who present well can reach a wider audience. This course shows you how to convert specialised knowledge into compelling presentations. The ability and intellect that made you an expert can also make you a strong presenter. Discover how to develop and deliver presentations that persuade,  inspire and convince.


Do  you want your team to deal with clients more effectively? Do  you work with people from a technical background who aren’t used to facing an audience? Do you need to improve your pitches and presentations to win more business?

Half or one-day tailored workshops  will  equip your people with new skills.


Want more confidence dealing with colleagues (and the boss) in your normal workday? Is your ability to express yourself letting you down at job interviews? Are you are new manager,  needing to take command of  a team and do meetings, phone calls, and one-on-ones with authority?

A series of sessions will give practical tips and strategies to improve  your workplace presence.

Special event coming up?

A conference, job interview, scholarship application, or special family or social event could be keeping you awake at night.   If the pressure is on, I can  coach you, help you prepare what to say and practice how to say it.

To contact Claire email boss@speak4yourself.com.au, or fill in the form below.


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