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How to get a politician to pay attention.

Since the announcement of the Federal election date, you can be sure the lines of lobbyists  have been lengthening. Persuading a  a politician to support your interests in the next few … Continue reading

26/08/2013 · 2 Comments

Public speaking for academics – 10 tips

Academics (and experts more widely) are often challenged as public speakers, finding it difficult to release themselves from  imparting information (like a dripfeed), and switching to consciously communicating, by which I mean … Continue reading

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Why public speaking still matters in the age of Facebook

Excited  students everywhere  are beginning preparations  to launch themselves into the real world. In a few weeks time I’ll be  working with a cohort of school leavers, helping them to face  interviews for internships, … Continue reading

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The rhetorical triangle updated

About 2300 years ago, Aristotle wrote down the secrets to being a powerful speaker. Aristotle said the  three keys are ethos, pathos, and logos. We know these now as ‘the rhetorical … Continue reading

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Speak now or forever hold your peace: five reasons to make a speech today.

Whatever kind of speaker you are, chances are from time to time you’re going to run out of occasions to speak.  School’s out, so high school debaters will rust up. … Continue reading

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Full Body Chairing. How to stay in charge of your panel.

A while back, I offered you this post about how to manage a panel event, and this one on handling hecklers and interrupters.  These are common challenges, but the commonest … Continue reading

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Public Speaking mistake #1 Too Much Information

No I’m not complaining about people who embarrass us with details of their dental dramas, or their sex life, I’m talking about how to avoid the ‘TMI’  which is THE … Continue reading

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50 New Year’s Resolutions for speakers

This comes from John Zimmer’s Manner of Speaking. Some New Year’s resolutions to  help take your public speaking to the next level in 2013. Good luck! In no particular order: 1.  I … Continue reading

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Heppy Christmas, to you end your femmily

Let’s take a look  the public speaker who possibly has the biggest audience in the world. The Queen’s Christmas message is almost a religious ceremony  in some households. At 3pm  GMT, British  families (and … Continue reading

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Getting mad with dignity – Let the words do the work

When do public speakers and presenters  need to get mad? Well…. If you are involved in a cause, or you’re an activist, a politician, or just someone who needs to  win … Continue reading

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Navigating nervousness – you can!

Public speaking makes most people nervous, but it’s like playing a sport, learning an instrument or being in a play. It’s a physical skill that takes repetition and practice till it … Continue reading

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Nuke those nerves

No matter who the workshop is for, when I ask participants what brought them along, the answer is always along the lines of ‘I want to be more confident’, ‘I … Continue reading

07/06/2010 · 1 Comment

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